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98% of people will use the internet to find their next car. Do you know where they will start? Google! If you don't rank in the top 2 positions, your are receiving less than 1% of the available traffic. You could be missing out on hundreds of customers every month! Our program guarantees top two results for all search terms in any market or your money back.
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The sad fact is 3rd party car sites are using your inventory to control your brand in your market. Our guaranteed program beats third party websites for your brand in your market every time.
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Long term sales have never been easier to achieve than right now. Facebook gives dealers unparalleled access to their customers and heretofore unseen opportunities to keep their customers connected. Don't let this important avenue be relegated to the reception desk or as an afterthought for the sales department. Our dedicated Facebook program stays focused so you don't have too.
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Automotive Marketing and Car Dealership Marketing

KEY FACTS about automotive marketing and automotive advertising today ..
Fact #1: Over 80% of new and used car purchases are researched on the Internet before buying.  Given that millions of new, web-enabled smartphones are being sold each month, this trend will only continue in years ahead. Fact #3: With all the responsibilities currently placed on the Internet Sales Manager and web staff, there simply isn’t enough time for anyone to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the web as a marketing tool .. not for each and every car.
Fact #2: It can take up to an hour to post JUST ONE CAR (with images, video, keywords, etc) to all of the sites that consumers are using every day to find their next car. Fact #4: When you consider your average profit per used car sold.  The cost of our service is so low you won’t even know you used it!  Nice ROI.

With the Car Dealership Internet Marketing Department fast becoming the most integral part of any car dealership’s operations, it has become increasingly clear that there is quite simply too much for any one person to cover.

Marketing Automotive’s, primary mission is to provide support to your Internet Marketing Department and valuable resources that will help insure your dealership’s future success.

The Marketing Automotive approach to Automotive Internet Marketing is to focus on what we call the 5 Pillars of marketing for car dealerships. It is our belief that dealerships that focus on these key areas will increase both their new and used car revenues.  The Five Pillar are as follows:

Automotive SEO
Automotive Search Engine Results
Google Places Pages for Car Dealers
Google Adwords for Car Dealers
Third Party Websites, Classifieds, and Video Sharing Sites

To learn more about each of these areas, please view the slide show above or click the menu links on the left side.

We are constantly on the look out for ways that our clients can improve their web presence and marketing, from new media, to new techniques for delivering a message.  All of these techniques are passed on to our clients as soon as they become available, many times giving them a first mover opportunity in their respective markets.

Our primary goal is to make you a Super Star by providing the best service at the best price on the web.

Call us now or get your free Internet Visibility Report so we can help you start selling more cars tomorrow.

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Third-Party Websites Are Stealing Your Customers! Automotive Marketing

With all of the talk on Automotive Marketing and Automotive Advertising websites about how car dealers can use Automotive Internet Marketing to boost sales, virtually none of them talk about the great big giant elephant in room.

The fact that Third Party car sites like AutoTrader,, and EveryCarListed, are stealing your customers and their using your inventory to do it seems to be lost!

Where do your customers go?  To your competitors, to any dealer that offers a better deal on any of the cars on your lot regardless of quality or care.

It is perhaps the greatest con job ever perpetrated on car dealers.  Third-Party websites like AutoTrader,, and EveryCarListed, get car dealers just like you to give them your inventory feeds, in some cases charging you for the privilege, to take advantage of all their website traffic.  All the while never telling you that they are using your inventory against you.  Let me say that again because it is important.  They are using your inventory to outrank you on Google for your MAKES AND MODELS!  Look for yourself.  Take out your smart phone and do a search for your market and any of your certified pre-owned cars on your lot.

Warning Google personalizes your desktop search results.  Because you visit your own website so much your website will undoubtedly show up first.  Don’t be fooled, this false search result can give you a false sense of security.  Your smart phone search will give you a much better result.

You will undoubtedly see that your website currently ranks below a third party website like Yahoo or Oodle or EveryCarListed.  These sites are black hole sites.  Your customers go in but they do not come out!  Why?  Because they can now shop you AND your competitors at the same time!  If you don’t have the best deal, or worse if your cars are priced higher because they are Certified, you will lose potential customers to your competitors and this is costing you money.

So what is the solution, stop sending your feed?  No!

These sites do have their benefits, so we don’t recommend throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  What we do recommend is doing what these car sites are doing every day.  Using the internet to boost their popularity in searches.  You see, it is possible to take back brand control on Google for your makes and models and our program guarantees it.


If we fail to place your website in the top position for any of the 20 to 30 brand makes and models on your lot, we’ll give you your money back.

YOU CAN’T LOSE! Your either achieve complete brand control on Google or you get your money back!

Here’s our proof that we can do what we say and it works every time.  Take a look at a sample of what we were able to accomplish for Volkswagen of Fort Myers.


Fort Myers Volkswagen CC Starting Point Screenshot (Click To Enlarge) Fort Myers Volkswagen CC #1 Screenshot (Click To Enlarge) Fort Myers Volkswagen Jetta Starting Point Screenshot (Click To Enlarge) Fort Myers Volkswagen Jetta #1 Screenshot (Click To Enlarge)


Fort Myers Volkswagen GTI Starting Point Screenshot (Click To Enlarge) Fort Myers Volkswagen GTI #1 Screenshot (Click To Enlarge) Fort Myers Volkswagen Touareg Starting Point Screenshot (Click To Enlarge) Fort Myers Volkswagen Touareg #1 Screenshot (Click To Enlarge)

Internet Visibility Report

In order to receive your free report, we need a little information from you.  All information is considered confidential and will never be distributed to anyone outside of Marketing Automotive LLC for any reason.

If you wish to get started immediately, please contact us at 1-866-990-8155!

We strive for a 24 hour turn around on our reports, excluding weekends and holidays.  If you feel you have been waiting too long, please do not hesitate to call the contact number above.

Automotive Marketing Reputation Management

Editors Note: This article is written as an extension to an article written by Jim Rodogna of at about customer perception of used car selling tactics. Please read the full article here .

As more and more of the used car buying public begin using the internet prior to purchasing their vehicle used car dealerships must place an emphasis on the tactics they use to “seal the deal”.

When considering a Bait and Switch, the internet would seem to be the ideal place to start.  Lot’s of places to place the car at an unbelievable price to get people to come down to the dealership so that you can sell them a real car at a much more dealership friendly price.

Works all the time right?

What’s the worst that could happen?  So they complain maybe tell a few friends or family members not to shop with you.  In the end no big loss right?

With sites like, Yelp, and good old Google, one wronged customer who perceives your business to be ethically challenged can now tell thousands not to buy from you.   With video and unlimited lines of text!

Imagine if a potential customer sees one of your cars on the internet and decides to look you up on the internet.  Below is a search result I got from Google on a dealership in my area.  The review shown is the first of 5 negative reviews warning any potential customer NOT to shop there.  Naturally I have blocked out the name and location.  I’m not trying to embarrass anyone here merely prove a point.

While there are simple methods to alleviate the issue of poor reviews. It is far easier and far more cost effective for dealerships to begin working honestly.

Instead of trying to milk every penny out of a customer treat them well and you will be remembered when friends and family are looking for their next car.

The alternative could mean the loss of any new business entirely.
Sound Serious?
It is.

Ford posts best quarterly profit in 6 years

In a sign that the American auto industry is starting to turn around Ford posted its fourth straight quarterly operating profit and it’s best in over 6 years.

This is good news for the automaker and it’s investors who suffered big losses just a year ago during the height recession.

“We are ahead of where we thought we would be despite the still-challenging business conditions,” said Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally in a statement. “We remain on track to deliver solid profits and positive automotive operating-related cash flow for 2010, and we expect even better financial results in 2011.”

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Chrysler Begins To Show Profit

For the second straight Quarter. The profit, earned on the backs of its Trucks and Agricultural Machines sales shows that with Fiat lead management, Chrysler could be well on its way to paying off its loans.

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Toyota seeks much needed boost from Tesla

Toyota, long known as an industry leader in field of electric cars has brought in Electric Supercar manufacturer Tesla to update several of its vehicles.  Will this be the much needed partnership that Toyota needs to distance itself from the recent manufacturing woes?

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